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Baudelaire's Body

Music created using stethoscopes and the heartbeats of performers.

Kinaesthetic Memory

Composed in collaboration with Poet, Katie Columbus and Dancer, Benedetta Lasso. This piece explores the relationship between sound, movement and the human voice. It is based on the Merce Cunningham collaborations. 

In All Our Complications... 2021

Flute - Amy Wood

Violin and Viola - Kate Simpson

Trumpet - Ali Hanford

Trombone - Jonathon Stevens

Talking Drum - Ola Akindipe

Vibraphone - Micah Baker

Composition and voice over by Georgia Barnes

This explores what we can away with as humans and all our very many mistakes. 

'An Intimate Conversation with All my Friends'... 2021

This is me simply going a little mad in the Kitchen 

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