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Everything you carry - ROH

'Everything you Carry' with Libretto by Olivia Bell and Music by Georgia Barnes, was written for the Royal Opera House, the Jette Parker Young Artists and the Casco Phil for International Women's Day 2022. The piece was commissioned along with 5 other composer/ librettist teams. The aim was that there micro-operas would pop up around St Pancras Station for unknowing computers on their way to work. We received prior audience participation during the libretto writing process. Through social media, the public submitted responses to various questions relating to the mental load they carried. We built this piece around normal people, on their commute, who struggle with emotions that no one else can see. The piece was written for voice, 2 violins, a flute and a piano. 

The micro-operas received a 4* review in the Guardian and the Telegraph. 

Peripeteia: A Reversal in Circumstance

‘Peripeteia: a reversal in circumstances’ is a 5 minute chamber orchestra based on the film Festen. The Expressionist film centres on a family that confesses traumatic events from their childhood; humans become reduced to their most animalistic forms. The film follows the Dogme 95 principles of filmmaking ‘The sound must never be produced apart from the images’ (i.e. all music must be created there and then). Therefore, I’ve encouraged performers to utilise the sounds of a dinner party to contribute to this micro-opera.


Sopranos: Hannah Wardrop, Fenella Lawrence, Anna Pych

Tenor: Simon Ashmead

Baritone: Niall Windass

Horn - Nivanthi Karunaratne

Violins - Miriam Pancheva, Eleanor Daft

Viola - Andrew Liddell

Percussion - Sam Swift

Double Bass - Sam Purgh

Conductor: Meg Storer

Composer and Director: Georgia Barnes

Sound Technician: Ben Leigh-Grosart

Confessions (to My Father) - Rude Health Festival of New Music 

‘Confessions (to my fathers)’ is a semi-autobiographical, three-part soliloquy for experimental voice, oboe, viola and harp that exposes the male influence on women’s bodies. It is loosely based on Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory. The piece draws attention to the moulding of a woman during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. A singer should paint her body, during the movements, to represent a male role during her development.


Conductor - Euan Holwill

Soprano - Georgia Barnes

Oboe - Stefani Trendafilova

Viola - Andrew Liddell

Harp - Laudine Dard

Videography and sound editing by Sam Car, David Lovegrove and Ben Leigh-Grosart

A Time of Empty Tales - Tête à Tête Festival 2020

Composer: Georgia Olivia Barnes

Libretto: Catherine Strong

The Lost One: Olivia Bell

The Friend: Alex White

The King: Alex White

The Doctor: Georgia Barnes

Répétiteur: Guy Murgatroyd W

e would like to thank Bill Banks-Jones and the whole of the Tête à Tête team for hosting this show. Disclaimer: This show was filmed in September 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic. All performers were socially distanced on stage with the exception of performers residing within the same household. Tête à Tête's rules abiding with government guidelines during the filming of this show.

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